My name is Stephen Hansen and I am originally from Sandusky, Ohio. My father was one of the best players in town back in the 1950's & 1960's. As a child, I grew up going to pool halls and bars watching my father play. He taught me the basics & love for the game of pool and I got hooked. In my late teens, my friends and I played a lot of 8 & 9 ball on the weekends. It kept us out of trouble and off the streets.

I attended Terra Community College nights while working full time at General Motors & received my Associates Degree in Electricity. After college I joined the US Navy, playing pool at every duty station, mostly at the American Legion's & VFW's. I retired from the US Navy after 20 years. I went to work for Chrysler Corp in Toledo, Ohio while attending Spring Arbor College evenings. I received my Bachelors Degree in Management & moved to Texas in 1999.

For over 25 years I played in numerous different leagues, but never could get above a skill level 4 in APA. My game really grew when I took Billiard  Lessons from Master Instructor Randy G. I took the basic 3 day billiard class in 2002 & Wow! This class opened my eyes to so many things I never knew about pool. After a lot of practice, I advanced to skill level 6 in APA. I took the 3 day Advanced class & it took my game to another level. I then advanced to skill level 7 in 8-ball & level 9 in 9-ball. Thank you Randy G. for opening my eyes to the game and being my mentor, tutor, coach, teammate & friend. I have had many people help me along the way. I would like to say thanks to Eric Smith, Bill Suden, Carl Oswald, Claude Gragg & Carl Pearson.


I have taken private lessons from Jerry Briesith, Randy G, Jeremy Jones, Earl Strickland, Johnny Archer & Robin (Dotson) Bell. I believe that you can always learn something from others if you listen & want to improve your game.

I am a Certified BCA/CSI Referee & have refereed in local tournaments, events and the BCA Nationals in Las Vegas. I love the game so much I became an Instructor with the P.B.I.A. I am now a Master level instructor. I can certify Instructors to Recognized, Certified, Advanced & Master levels with PBIA (Professional Billi(ages 8-18)monthly with Claude Gragg at UT Arlington, with the BEF (Billiard Education Foundation).

I teach kids (ages 8-18) monthly with Master Instructor Claude Gragg at UT Arlington in preparation for the Jr. National Tournament in Las Vegas.

I give billiard lessons, private or group, at local pool halls & at my home. Give me a call if you want to learn new things & improve your game.


To promote quality billiard instruction to men, women and children at all levels of proficiency.   I am dedicated to training and certifying individuals to become professional quality billiard instructors.

                 CODE OF CONDUCT
My primary obligation is to help my students improve their playing skills and gain a better understanding of their game. I will conduct my instruction in accordance with my level of certification and/or my knowledge and ability. I will maintain the highest professional standards in all aspects of instruction.
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